Legalism Is Just Another Word for Licentiousness

Setting aside the obvious objection that Christ settled all our accounts, once for all such [legalistic] groups inevitably start with the narcissistic presupposition mentioned earlier – simply that Christianity is all about cleaning up and doing your part.  These groups focus primarily (in my experience, almost exclusively) on our sin, and not only our Savior.  Because of this, they breed self-righteousness, guilt and the almost irresistible temptation to pretend, or to be less than hones.  Little or no attention is given to the gospel.  There’s no reminder of what Christ has done for our sin – cleansing us from its guilt and power – and of the resources that are already ours by virtue of our union with Him.  These groups thrive, either intentionally or not, on a “do more, try harder” moralism that robs us of the joy and freedom Jesus paid dearly to secure for us.

– Tchividjian, Tullian; Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free; David C Cook Publishers, Copyright 2013, Kindle Edition, page 66


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