To Which Group Do You Belong?

We used to peg people we didn’t like as conservatives if we were liberal, liberals if we were conservative.  Another convenient grouping of people was the younger and older generations.  Today I feel the real difference that separates humans is the difference between persons (young and old) who live predominantly on a sensory level and others who live on a level of greater expanded consciousness.  The first group is the object at which the typical American advertisement on TV is aimed.  Such value above all else, body comfort, no pain, to eat and sleep well, body beauty and physical health.  The second group embraces the smaller segments of humanity that is pushing always toward a greater synthesis of knowledge, a greater experience of the unified meaning of life with man’s directing all his energies toward that ultimacy.

– George Maloney

as quoted by  Brennan Manning, The Importance of Being Foolish: How to Think Like Jesus, HarperOne, copyright 2005, page 133