The Paradox of Knowing and not Knowing God

That God can be known by the soul in tender personal experience while remaining infinitely aloof from the curious eyes of reason constitutes a paradox best described as:

Darkness to the intellect but sunshine to the heart.

– Frederick W. Faber

– A.W.Tozer; Knowledge of the Holy; Kindle Version; Page 9-10

When We Sin, We Are More Vexed By Our Lowered Self-Esteem than God’s Honor Being Grieved

When we sin, we are more vexed at the lowering of our self-esteem than we are grieved at God’s dishonor.  We are surprised and irritated at our own lack of self-control in subjecting ourselves to unworthy habits…The first cause of this is self-love, which is unable to stand the disappointment of not seeing ourselves in time of trial come out beautiful, erect and admirable.

– Frederick W. Faber

as quoted by Bridges, Jerry; The Disciplined of Grace:God’s Role and Our Role in the Pursuit of Holiness; NavPress; Colorado Springs; copyright 1994; p. 147