Contrary to All Things

When those who seek signs and wisdom not only do not receive the things they seek, but even hear the contrary to what they desire, and then by means of these contraries are persuaded – does this not show the unspeakable power of him who is preached?  As if to someone tempest-tossed and longing for a haven, you were indeed to show not a haven but another wilder portion of the sea, and yet he would follow you with gratitude.  Or as if a physician could attract to himself the man that was wounded and in need of medicine, by promising to cure him not with drugs but by burning him again!  This is the result of great power indeed.  So also the Apostles won the day, not simply without a sign, but even by a thing which seemed contrary to all the known signs.

– John Chrysostom

as quoted by  Brennan Manning, The Importance of Being Foolish: How to Think Like Jesus, HarperOne, copyright 2005, page 156-157