We Are Left for a Season, Let Us Faithfully Represent Him Here

Thus far we have considered the individual’s personal relations to God, but like the ointment of a man’s right hand, which by its fragrance “betrayeth itself”, any intensified knowledge of God will soon begin to affect those around us in the Christian community.  And we must seek purposefully to share our increasing light with the fellow members of the household of God.

This we can best do by keeping the majesty of God in full focus in all our public services.  Not only our private prayers should be filled with God, by our witnessing, our singing, our preaching, our writing should center around the Person of our holy, holy Lord and extol continually the greatness of His dignity and power.  There is a glorified Man on the right hand of the Majesty in heaven faithfully representing us there.  We are left for a season among men; let us faithfully represent Him here.

– A.W.Tozer; Knowledge of the Holy; Kindle Version; Page 94

The Majesty in the Heavens

The God we must learn to know is the Majesty in the heavens, God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, the only wise God, our Saviour.  It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, who stretheth out the heavens as a curtain and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in, who bringeth out His starry host by number and calleth them all by name through the greatness of His power, who seeth the works of man as vanity, who putteth no confidence in princes and asks no counsel of kings.

– A.W.Tozer; Knowledge of the Holy; Kindle Version; Page 92

This is a Great Error

The apostle John, by the Spirit, wrote “God is love,” and some have taken his words to be a definitive statement concerning the essential nature of God.  This is a great error.  John was by those words stating a fact, but he was not offering a definition.

Equating love to God is a major mistake which has produced much unsound religious philosophy and has brought forth a spate of vaporous poetry completely out of accord with Holy Scriptures and altogether of another climate from that of historic Christianity.

Had the apostle declared that love is what God is, we would be forced to infer that God is what love is.  If literally God is love, then literally love is God, and we are in all duty bound to worship love as the only God there is.  If love is equal to God then God is only equal to love, and God and love are identical.  Thus we destroy the concept of personality in God and deny outright all His attributes save one, and that one we substitute for God.

– A.W.Tozer; Knowledge of the Holy; Kindle Version; Page 78

Everyone Has a Creed

Everyone has a creed.  Even those Christians who claim that their “only creed is Christ” have a creed, because the very moment they begin to explain what they believe about Christ, they are in fact reciting their creed about Christ.  In truth, its impossible not to have a creed.  So the question is this: Is our creed carefully formulated and written down, biblically and doctrinally orthodox, and attested to by faithful forefathers of the church?  Or is it based on our own authority and clever invention, always changing according to the last internet post we read or according to our own doctrinal whim?

Parson, Burk; “Five New Points of Old Heresy”; Tabletalk; January, 2019; p. 2

God Creates Out of Nothing

God doesn’t save people who have it all together.  He saves whores, prostitutes, porn stars, Bible college professors and stay-at-home housewives who wear head coverings in church, because God loves to create righteousness out of nothing.

– Sprinkle, Preston; Charis: God’s Scandalous Grace for Us; David C. Cook Publishing; Colorado Springs, CO; Kindle version; copyright 2014; page 110

Ezekiel 16 is Your Spiritual Autobiography

Whatever your actual biography looks like, Ezekiel 16 is your spiritual autobiography.  You were a promiscuous sinner delightfully forgiven by Jesus – the One who found you in the Dumpster and turned you into a real ingredient of divine happiness.

– Sprinkle, Preston; Charis: God’s Scandalous Grace for Us; David C. Cook Publishing; Colorado Springs, CO; Kindle version; copyright 2014; page 103