Then Shall Be Complete Emancipation From Sin and Its Effects and Affects

In the New Testament “salvation” is threefold its scope past, present, and future; and it is threefold and his character from the penalty of sin, from the power of sin, and from the presence of sin. Every believer has been saved for the penalty of sin… But we shall yet be saved from the very presence of sin… At our Lord’s return we shall be completely emancipated from the dominion and pollution of sin.

– A.W.Pink

as quoted by Driscoll, Mark; Who Do You Think You Are? Finding Your True Identity in ChristThomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, copyright 2013; Page 68

Make Certain!

Then “flee” my reader, flee to Christ; “flee from the wrath to come” (Matthew 3:7) ere it be too late.  Do not, we earnestly beseech you, suppose that this message is intended for somebody else.  It is to you!  Do not be contented by thinking you already have already fled to Christ.  Make certain!  Beg the Lord to search your heart and show you yourself.

Pink, Arthur W.; The Attributes of God; Kindle Edition; page 86

The Incarnation Is a Revelation of God’s Wrath

But above all, the wrath of God was revealed from heaven when the Son of God came down to manifest the divine character, and when that wrath was displayed in His sufferings and death, in a manner more awful than by all the tokens God had before given of His displeasure against sin.  Besides this, the future and eternal punishment of the wicked is now declared in terms more solemn and explicit than formerly.

Pink, Arthur W.; The Attributes of God; Kindle Edition; page 82

This is What the Wrath of God Truly Is

The wrath of God is His eternal detestation of all unrighteousness  It is the displeasure and indignation of divine equity against evil.  It is the holiness of God stirred into activity against sin.  It is the moving cause of that just sentence which he pass upon evildoers.  God is angry against sin because it is a rebelling against His authority, a wrong done to His inviolable sovereignty.

Pink, Arthur W.; The Attributes of God; Kindle Edition; page 82

It Is Sad Indeed

It is sad indeed to find so many professing Christians who appear to regard the wrath of God as something for which they need to make an apology, or at least wish there were no such thing.  while some who would not go so far as to openly admit they considered it a blemish on the divine character, yet they are far from regarding it with delight; they like not to think about it, and they rarely hear it mentioned without a secret resentment rising up in their hearts against it.  Even those who are more sober in their judgment, not a few seem to imagine that there is a severity about the divine wrath that makes it too terrifying to form a theme for profitable contemplation.  Others harbor the delusion that God’s wrath is not consistent with His goodness, and so seek to banish it from their thoughts.

Pink, Arthur W.; The Attributes of God; Kindle Edition; page 82

Let God’s Love Engage Your Mind

Let God’s love daily engage your mind by devout meditations on it so that the affections of your heart may be drawn out to Him.  When cast down in spirit, or in sore straits, plead His love in prayer, assured that it cannot deny anything good for you.  Make God’s wondrous love to you the incentive of your obedience to Him – gratitude requires nothing less.

Pink, Arthur W.; The Attributes of God; Kindle Edition; page 82

What Infinite Delight!

Since God loves His people in Christ, it is not regulated by their fruitfulness, but s the same at all times.  because He loves them in Christ, the Father loves them as Christ.  The time will come when His prayer will be answered (John 17:23).  Only faith can grasp those marvelous things, for neither reasoning nor feelings can do so.  God loves us in Christ.  What infinite delight the Father has as He beholds His people in His dear Son!

Pink, Arthur W.; The Attributes of God; Kindle Edition; page 82

What Would Attract His Love?

Had God loved us in return for ours, then it would not be spontaneous on His part; but because He loved us when we were loveless, it is clear that His love was uninfluenced.  It is highly important, if God is to be honored and the heart of His child established, that we should be quite clear upon this precious truth.  God’s love for me and for each of “His own” was entirely unmoved by anything in us.  What was there in me to attract the heart of God?  Absolutely nothing.  But, to the contrary, there was everything to repel Him, everything calculated to make Him loathe me – sinful, depraved a mass of corruption, with “no good thing in me.”

Pink, Arthur W.; The Attributes of God; Kindle Edition; page 77