Wisdom Sees Everything in Focus

Wisdom, among other things, is the ability to devise perfect ends and to achieve those ends by the most perfect means.  It sees the end from the beginning, so there can be no need to guess or conjecture.  Wisdom sees everything in focus, each in proper relation to all, and is thus able to work toward predestined goals with flawless precision.

– A.W.Tozer; Knowledge of the Holy; Kindle Version; Page 49

What Distinguishes Us From Animals

The idea of God as infinitely wise is at the root of all truth.  It is a datum of belief necessary to the soundness of all other beliefs about God.  Being what He is without regard to creatures, God is of course unaffected by our opinions of Him, but our moral sanity requires that we attribute to the maker and sustainer of the universe a wisdom entirely perfect.  To refuse to do this is to betray the very thing in us that distinguishes us from the beasts.

– A.W.Tozer; Knowledge of the Holy; Kindle Version; Page 48

Called, In Full Knowledge of Everything That Was Against Us

And to us who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope that is set before is in the gospel, how unutterably sweet is the knowledge that our Heavenly Father knows us completely.  No talebearer can inform on us, no enemy can make accusation stick; no forgotten skeleton can come tumbling out of some hidden closet to abash us and expose our past; no unsuspected weakness in our characters can come to light and turn God away from us, since He knew us utterly before we knew Him and called us to Himself in the full knowledge of everything that was against us.

– A.W.Tozer; Knowledge of the Holy; Kindle Version; Page 46

God Knows Perfectly The Reason for Our Trembling

In the divine omniscience we see set forth against each other and the terror and fascination of the Godhead.  That God knows each person through and through can be a cause of shaking fear to the man that has something to hide – some unforsaken sin, some secret crime committed against man or God.  The unblessed soul may well tremble that God knows the flimsiness of every pretext and never accepts the poor excuses given for sinful conduct, since He knows perfectly the real reason for it.

– A.W.Tozer; Knowledge of the Holy; Kindle Version; Page 46

He Knows Instantly and With a Fullness of Perfection

That God is omniscient is not only taught in Scriptures, it must be inferred also from all else that is taught concerning Him.   God perfectly knows Himself and, being the source and author of all things, it follows that He knows all that can be known.  And this He knows instantly and with a fullness of perfection that includes every possible item of knowledge concerning everything that exists or could have existed anywhere in the universe at any time in the past or that may exist in the centuries or ages yet unborn.

– A.W.Tozer; Knowledge of the Holy; Kindle Version; Page 45-46

God Never Changes

God never changes moods or cools off in His affections or loses enthusiasm.  His attitude toward sin is now the same as it was when He drove out the sinful man from the eastward garden, and His attitude toward the sinner remains the same as when He stretched forth His hands and cried, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

– A.W.Tozer; Knowledge of the Holy; Kindle Version; Page 43

Simply Amazing, Isn’t It?

In this world where men forget us, change their attitude toward us as their private interests dictate, and revise their opinion of us for the slightest cause, is it not a source of wondrous strength to know that the God with whom we have to do changes not?  That His attitude toward us now is the same as it was in eternity past and will be in eternity to come?

– A.W.Tozer; Knowledge of the Holy; Kindle Version; Page 43