God Is Creator

In the same freedom and love in which God is not alone in Himself but is the eternal begetter of the Son, who is the eternally begotten of the Father, He also turns as Creator ad extra [outward] in order that absolutely and outwardly He may not be alone but the One who loves in freedom.  In other words, as God Himself is neither deaf nor dumb but speaks and hears His Word from all eternity, so outside His eternity He does not wish to be without hearing or echo, that is, without the ears and voices of the creature.  The eternal fellowship between the Father and the Son, or between God and His Word, thus finds a correspondence in the very different but not dissimilar fellowship between God and His creature.  It is in keeping with the Father of the eternal Son, the One who speaks the eternal Word as such; it is wholly  worthy of Him, that in His dealings ad extra [outward] He should be the Creator.

Karl Barth

– Reeves, Michael; Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith;  IVP Academic; Downer’s Grove, IL, Page 41-42