The Gift of Self-Forgetfulness

Those who are born anew are no longer entangled with themselves.  They are solidly free from this entanglement, from self-reflection that always seeks what belongs to itself.  This is not a deadening of self.  No, it is the gift of self-forgetfulness.  The passive righteousness of faith tells us: You do not concern yourself at all!  In that God does what is decisive in us, we may live outside ourselves and solely in him.  Thus, we are hidden from our selves, and removed from the judgment of others or the judgment of ourselves as a final judgment.  “Who am I?”  Such self-reflection never finds peace in itself.

– Oswald Bayer

as quoted by Tchividian, Tullian; One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World; David Cook Publishers; copyright 2013; Kindle Edition; Location 1628