God With Us

One of the names given to Christ Jesus was Emmanuel, or “God with us.”  Christ lived into his name.  He was “with us” in that he took on human flesh and walked among us.  He was “with us” in carrying both our sins and our sorrows to the cross.  When God raised this man, Jesus Christ, from the dead, he didn’t take away his scars.  These scars testify to his pain, to his love, and to the extent to which God will go to conquer the evil of the world through the active suffering of forgiveness.  Only through such active love can such scars of horror be transfigured into emblems of triumph…Pain does not have to have the last word.  Forgiveness can push out the borders of what we believe is possible.  Reconciliation can offer us a glimpse of the transfigured world to come.

-Catherine Claire Larson

as quoted by Brown, Steve; Three Free Sins: God’s Not Mad At You; Howard Books;  New York, copyright 2012; Kindle Edition; Location 843