God’s Love Revealed in the Mystery of the Cross

The one-way love of God is restorative and reconciling because in the mystery of His cross, God has neutralized the effects of sin, forgiven its offense, blotted out its stain, expiated its guilt and created a new beginning (Psalms 103:12)

– Tchividian, Tullian; One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World; David Cook Publishers; copyright 2013; Kindle Edition; Location 1252

Greater Blessings to Come

God’s fatherly instructing, directing, protecting, providing and correcting are constant themes as psalmists and prophets look back on God’s dealings with Israel, and promise greater blessings to come (Psalm 23; 32:8-9; 103:6-19; 119; Hosea 11:1-4, 8-11; Isaiah 63:7-19; Hebrews 12:5-11). ¬†God’s grace claims Israel as his child; his nurturing love seeks the response of delight in his goodness (Ezekiel 16:4-6)

– Edmund Clowney, The Church: Contours of Christian Theology, copyright 1988, page 139