If We Fail to Mature, This is a Real Danger…

To be young is to be restless.  Yet as we mature, we learn God’s Word and importantly, as noted above – “powers of discernment trained by constant practice.”  Growth involves leaving behind this restless spirit, learning disciplines that lead to maturity in the faith.  If we fail to mature, apostasy is a real danger (Hebrew 6:1-12).

– Horton, Michael, Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World; Zondervan; copyright 214; Kindle Edition; page 50


Lord Jesus’ Command to “Watch” In Order To Prevent Sin

The main command the Lord Jesus gives us in order to prevent sin and temptation is to watch (Mark 13:37).  To “watch” means to be diligent to not be surprised and entangled by temptations (see Deuteronomy 32:29; Hebrews 6:11-12; II Peter 1:5-11).  You know that you’ve fallen into spiritual laziness when you aren’t stirred by warnings against sin, when you can’t be motivated to spiritual duty and when you are easily discouraged and will give up at the sight of difficulties.  A lazy soul realizes he’ll never be perfect, so he says, “Why bother?” and is content with spiritual deadness and apathy.

– Kris Lundgaard, The Enemy Within: Straight Talk About the Power and Defeat of Sin, copyright 1998, page 88