Ambition Unleashes a War of All Against All

…ambition unleashes the war of all against all, where each of us becomes a little emperor.  Left unchecked, we come to the place where we cannot submit to anyone or anything.  We along choose what to believe, how to live, and what sort of church appeals to us.  But since not everyone will be as successful in fulfilling their ambitions, the cream wiull inevitably rise to the top and those most gifted at appealing to (and manipulating) our choices will become our defacto rulers.  Apart from our Servant King, who reigns through his ordained means, constitution and offices, we will be at the mercy of self appointed despots who rule according to their own whim.

– Horton, Michael, Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World; Zondervan; copyright 214; Kindle Edition; page 104