God Doesn’t Need You for Anything

The point screamed from cover to cover in the Bible is “God doesn’t need you for anything.”  You and I are utterly powerless to bring about salvation and healing.  This message is at the core of the gospel.  The gospel aims to shatter pride and independence from every angle.  The gospel’s first work is to make us to sit in stunned awe at what God has done for us.

Now … you say, “Wait a minute.  God doesn’t need me?  Then does that mean that I should go about my merry way spending all my money on myself, sitting back waiting on God to feed the poor and win the lost?”

Not at all.  Because here is the second part of the giving principle: As recipients of grace, we will want to give back to God.

– Greear, J.D.; Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary; B&H Publishing Group; Nashville, TN; Copyright 2011; Kindle Edition; page 213


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