Six Biblical Principles About Money

I find at least six biblical principles about money that we should hold in reverent tension.  Any one of these principles, taken alone, will knock you out of balance.  Holding all six principles in tension, however, leads you to extravagant generosity and humble appreciation of God’s good gifts.  Here they are:

  1. God gives excess to some so that they can share with those who have less.
  2. Jesus’ radical generosity toward us serves as a model and a motivation for our radical generosity.
  3. The Holy Spirit must guide us as to which sacrifices we, personally, are to make.
  4. God delights in our enjoyment of His material gifts.
  5. God, not money, should be our primary source of beauty and security.
  6. Wealth-building can be wise.

– Greear, J.D.; Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary; B&H Publishing Group; Nashville, TN; Copyright 2011; Kindle Edition; page 130-138


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