Not a Switch, Not a Tool, Not a “Co-Pilot”

The Holy Spirit is not a switch you can turn on or off; he is not a tool you can choose to apply or ignore; he is not a copilot sitting beside you, ready to help if you really need him.  He is the holy, powerful, active Spirit of the Living God, and he will always have his way with you.  He is always at work in you, with or without your cooperation or permission, shaping you according to his will and his agenda.  Sometimes he grants you fresh grace and power for obedience to show you what he can do in you, and sometimes he turns you over to yourself to discover how weak, helpless, and sinful you still are in yourself.  Either way, he is always actively working in you for God’s glory and your own good, and that of his body, the church.

Duguid, Barbara; Extravagant Grace: God’s Glory Displayed in our Weakness; P&R Publishing; Philipsburg, NJ; copyright 2013; Page 105


3 thoughts on “Not a Switch, Not a Tool, Not a “Co-Pilot”

  1. Loved this! Btw – I don’t know why, but your title makes me laugh (that’s a good thing!) I don’t get to laugh often enough. But the title is very apropos.
    It’s too bad people don’t give more credit to The Holy Spirit. He is the key to…wisdom…well, to everthing.

    Thanks for posting!
    – Kenzel

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