You Have the Perfect Advocate

For now, though, you need to know that your soul is still very sick, but you have a Great Physician who has promised to make you whole and is working in you every moment of every day.  You are very weak, but you have a strong and perfect Champion who has won the battle against sin for you, and he now fights it with you.  You are still prone to wander, but you have a Great Shepherd who always pursues you and brings you back, carrying you home in loving arms.  You have a heavenly Father who would never let this sin and weakness remain in you if he did not plan to overrule it for your good and for his own glory.  Praise God, you have the perfect High Priest advocating for you, praying for you and holding on to you with a sure, steady and loving hand.

Duguid, Barbara; Extravagant Grace: God’s Glory Displayed in our Weakness; P&R Publishing; Philipsburg, NJ; copyright 2013; Page 99


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