Cheap Law Does Not Just Cheapen Grace – No, It Nullifies It

Cheap law weakens God’s demand for perfection, and in doing so, breathes life into … [our] own making … It creates people of great zeal, but they lack knowledge concerning the question “What Would Jesus Do?”  Here is the costly answer: Jesus would do it all perfectly.  And that’s game over for you.  The Father is not grooming you to be a replacement for His Beloved Son.  He is announcing that there is blessing for those who take shelter in his Beloved Son.  Cheap law tells us that we’ve fallen, but there’s good news, you can get back up again… Therein lies the great heresy of cheap law: it is a false gospel.  It cheapens – no – nullifies grace.

– John Dink

as quoted by Tchividian, Tullian; One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World; David Cook Publishers; copyright 2013; Kindle Edition; Location


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