Judgment Steamrolls Over Us Most of the Time

I wonder if any of us strong enough to withstand the perceived judgments upon our lives, which touch the fears within.  Have you ever tried to win the favor of a person who actively dislikes you?  To get him to like you, you may have changed your style of dress.  You may have altered your schedule.  You may have stopped something you’ve been doing or started something new.  You may have carried out their wishes to the last detail.  You may have tried once, then again, then a thousand times.  But you have not won from this person the affirmation you so deeply desire.  Judgment steamrolls over us most of the time.

– Tchividian, Tullian; One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World; David Cook Publishers; copyright 2013; Kindle Edition; Location 834


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