Have We Adopted a Western Form of Hinduism?

Christians believe that Jesus severed the link between suffering and deserving once for all on Calvary.  God put the ledgers away and settled the accounts.  But when you and I insist that all-to-comfortable paradigm of cosmic score keeping, we stoop talking about Christianity and in fact adopt a Westernized form of Hinduism.  We are talking about karma.  If you are a bad person and things are going well for you, it is only a matter a time before karma catches up with you and “you get yours.”  If you are a good person, the inverse is true: just be patient and your good deeds will come back to you.  This is a simplification of the complex Hindu understanding of history as determined by the past lives of others: that we are all stuck in an eternal cycle of suffering perpetuated by reincarnation.

– Tchividjian, Tullian; Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free; David C Cook Publishers, Copyright 2013, Kindle Edition, page 85


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