God’s Word Goes Out from Him by His Spirit

In both the work of creation (in Genesis 1) and the work of salvation or re-creation (in the Gospels), God’s Word goes out from Him by his Spirit.  The Father speaks, and on His breath this Word is heard. It all reveals what this God is truly like. The Spirit is the one through whom the Father loves, blesses and empowers his Son.  The Son goes out from the Father by the Spirit. Hence Jesus is known as “the anointed one” (“the Messiah” in Hebrew, “the Christ” in Greek), for He is the one supremely anointed with the Spirit. As kings and priests, even prophets, were anointed and consecrated to their tasks with well in the Old Testament, Jesus is anointed with the spirit. Indeed, the terms Son and Anointed One are sometimes almost synonymous (in, for example, Psalm 2).

– Reeves, Michael; Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith;  IVP Academic; Downer’s Grove, IL, Page 30


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