The Eucharistic Table is not the Heavenly Wedding Banquet

Jesus told his disciples that he would not drink wine with them again until he returned in his kingdom of glory.  Our Eucharistic table is not the heavenly wedding banquet.  For now, it is the sacrificial meal in which Christ is the food and drink.  Yet each time we gather, we not only proclaim Christs death until he comes; we participate in the renewing powers of the age to come.  We taste the morsels of that wedding banquet when the meal of Christ’s sacrifice will become the feast of unending delight.  For on that day, Christ will be the host rather than the meal and we will eat and drink with him  in an everlasting exchange of gifts.

Horton, Michael; The Gospel Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World; Baker Books; Grand Rapids, MI; Copyright 2009; page 241-242