Is The Gospel an Invitation to a Personal Relationship with God? Hardly!

Nowhere do we find the apostles proclaiming the gospel as an invitation to have a personal relationship with God.  After all, they presupposed that everyone already has a personal relationship with God.  In fact, our major problem is that we do have a relationship with God: the relationship of a guilty defendant before a just judge.

Offering the gospel as a personal relationship with God assumes that one is currently in a neutral situation, lacking the joy of knowing God.  Or perhaps, if not neutral, this condition is thought of in terms of separation, a breaking of communication.  However, we have seen that all people know God, but suppress this truth in unrighteousness.  Our problem is not that we are not on speaking terms with God (or vice versa), but that God is declaring his righteousness and we are shaking our fists in his face.

Horton, Michael; The Gospel Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World; Baker Books; Grand Rapids, MI; Copyright 2009; page 91


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