If This is Dull, then What, In Heaven’s Name, Is Worthy of Being Called Exciting?

Official Christianity, of late years, has been having what is known as “bad press.”  We are constantly assured that the churches are empty because preachers insist too much upon doctrine – “dull dogma”, as people call it.  The fact is the precise opposite.  It is the neglect of dogma that makes for dullness.  The Christian faith is the most exciting drama that ever staggered the imagination of man – and the dogma is the drama…This is the dogma we find so dull – this terrifying drama of which God is the victim and the hero.  If this is dull, then what, in Heaven’s name, is worth to be called exciting?

– Dorothy Sayers

as quoted by Horton, Michael; The Gospel Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World; Baker Books; Grand Rapids, MI; Copyright 2009; page 63


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