What a Mirror Should Remind Us Of…

The Trinitarian God who lives in eternal friendship and community created us to image him. God uniquely honors humanity in this way. He’s made nothing else in his image. Practically, this means that God made us to image, or reflect him, as a mirror does. And in a world where we are encouraged to spend much more time gazing at ourselves in the mirror, it’s helpful every time we look in the mirror to be reminded that we’re to mirror God to others. He created us to reflect his goodness and glory in the world around us, like Moses, who radiated the glory of God after being in God’s presence.


– Driscoll, Mark; Who Do You Think You Are? Finding Your True Identity in ChristThomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, copyright 2013; Page 3


2 thoughts on “What a Mirror Should Remind Us Of…

  1. Stuart: Something appears to be amiss in this sentence, “Practically, this means that God made us to damage, or if liked, him, as America’s.” If not, then I don’t understand how this sentence functions in the paragraph cited. Let me know.

    • John,

      Many thanks on that one. I actually was toying with one of those “Voice to Text” apps on my iPhone as I was reading this book. Here is a case where it was text, but not what I voiced. Will need to have a watchful eye going forward as I actually create entries as I read but post only one a day so I have around 200+ unpublished quotes and sometimes its been a few months from when I read something to when I post it. Always appreciative of your watchful eye as I often post with only glancing.

      If I don’t see you here, I will see you There.


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