Three Key Points About God’s Wrath We Dare Not Overlook

In the application section of the sermon (“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”), [Jonathan] Edwards places great stress on the nature and severity of God’s wrath.  Central to his thinking is the clear notion that a holy God must also be a wrathful God.  He lists several key points about God’s wrath that we dare not overlook.

  1. God’s wrath is divine.  The wrath of which Edwards preached was the wrath of an infinite God.  He contrasts God’s wrath with human anger or the wrath of a king for his subject.  Human wrath terminates.  It has an ending point.  It is limited.  God’s wrath can go on forever.
  2. God’s wrath is fierce.  The Bible repeatedly likens God’s wrath to a winepress of fierceness.  In Hell there is no moderation or mercy given.  God’s anger is not mere announce or a mild displeasure.  It is a consuming rage against the unrepentant.
  3. God’s wrath is everlasting. There is no end to the anger of God directed against those in hell.  If we had any compassion for other people, we should wail at the thought of a single one of them falling into the pit of hell.

– R.C. Sproul, The Holiness of God, Tyndale House Publishers, Carol Stream, Ill., Copyright 1985, Kindle Edition


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