Fill Me With Heavenly Light

O Holy Jesus, Son of the most high God, Thou that wert scourged at a pillar, stretched and nailed on a cross for the sins of the world, unite me to Thy cross, and fill my soul with Thy holy, humble and suffering spirit, O Fountain of Mercy, Thou that didst save the thief upon the cross, save me from the guilt of a sinful life; Thou that didst cast seven devils out of Mary Magdalene, cast out of my heart all evil thoughts and wicked tempers.  O Giver of Life, Thou that didst raise Lazarus from the dead, raise up my soul from the death and darkness of sin.  Thou that didst give Thy Apostles power over unclean spirits, give me power over my own heart.  Thou that didst appear unto Thy disciples when the doors were shut, do Thou appear to me in the secret apartment of my heart.  Thou that didst cleanse the lepers, heal the sick, and give sight to the blind, cleanse my heart, heal the disorders of my soul, and fill me with heavenly light.

– William Law

as quoted by Piper, John; When I Don’t Desire God: How to Fight for Joy; Crossway; Wheaton, Ill.; copyright  2004; p. 169-170

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