Salvation is the Purchase and Provision

Salvation is the purchase and provision of sight for the blind.  God sent Christ into the world to die for our spiritual blindness, pay its penalty, absorb the wrath it deserves, and provide a perfect imputed righteousness for all who believe.  This is the most beautiful display of God’s glory that has been or ever will be.  The divine glory we have been redeemed to see is most beautifully shown in the redemption itself.  The all-glorious Christ is both the means and the goal of our salvation from blindness.  His life, death, resurrection, and present reign in heaven are both the means by which we sinners regain our sight and the highest glory we are saved to see.

– Piper, John; When I Don’t Desire God: How to Fight for Joy; copyright 2004; Crossway Books; Wheaton, Il.; p. 62


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