The Goal of Atonement and The Father’s Ultimate Purpose

The goal of atonement was to save the lost.  Christ loved his church and gave himself for it.  He died in order to save his sheep.  His purpose was to offer reconcilation and redemption for his people.

The Father’s ultimate purpose was to save the elect.  he designed the Son’s atonement to accomplish the goal or end of redemption.  Every Arminian would agree with that.  The issue is this: Was God’s purpose to make salvation for all possible or to make salvation for the elect certain?  The ultimate aim of God’s plan of redemption was to redeem his elect.  To accomplish this end he ordained the means.  One was the atonement made by his Son.  Another was the Holy Spirit’s application of this atonement to the elect.  God provides for his elect all that is necessary for their salvation, including the gift of faith.

Sproul, R.C.; Grace Unknown: The Heart of Reformed Theology; Baker Books; Grand Rapids, MI; copyright 1997; p. 175


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