Submitting to God and His Sovereign Right

To submit to the Father of our spirit denotes] an acquiescence in His sovereign right to do what He will with us as His own; a renunciation of self-will; an acknowledgement of His righteousness and wisdom in all His dealings with us; a sense of His care and love, with a due apprehension of the end of His chastisements; a diligent application of ourselves unto His mind and will, or to what He calls us to in an especial manner at that season; a keeping of our souls by persevering faith from weariness and despondency; a full resignation o ourselves to His will, as to the matter, manner, times and continuance of our afflictions.

– John Owen

as quoted by Bridges, Jerry; The Disciplined of Grace:God’s Role and Our Role in the Pursuit of Holiness; NavPress; Colorado Springs; copyright 1994; p.226

One thought on “Submitting to God and His Sovereign Right

  1. Another case of how badly Calvinism contradicts itself. If God is controlling all our actions we don’t need to renounce our will to acquiesce in his — we have no will at all but are puppets if Calvinism is true. But free will is so obvious a fact that the Calvinists can’t even remember that they supposedly don’t believe in it!!

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